Catherine says: March 2010 and the second session of foster kittens for the year arrived… a foster family actually. After a short break (busy with work), I got the call that I love to receive but try not to crave for… they need me! The shelter had a mum who was surrendered by someone via the Who's for Cats program. Through this program, mum now had an owner all ready and waiting for her once she finished nursing her two little adorable boys -- four days old when they arrived on my doorstep.

Autumn was a lovely lady who was 15 months old. She was very happy and purrry and smoochy, though a little nervous and a bit of a worrier about everything. But she was a conscientious, patient, and loving mum to her two ravenous rascals, Twiggles and Rofl. The boys had some sniffles and watery eyes when they arrived, so they had to rest up to get strong and healthy. Once they discovered their fluffy bed, they didn’t move for a good long while! After so many foster kitties, I am now convinced that there is an affection gene -- and these boys had it! Right away they were smooching me and purring at my touch.

Twiggles was the little piggie of the family. His belly was a little barrel right away. And what a heartbreaker! With his grey appearance, he looked like he was dusted with talcum powder and sealed with saccharin. ;-) As usual with any grey kitten, he weakened me at the knees. Such a sweet, sweet photogenic boy!

Rofl was such a cheeky monkey and a squirmy soul. He had a big set of lungs on him and the same marking across his nose and cheek as mum -- cute! He was a dynamo, but a really loveable little guy.

These two were just gorgeous together, playing as well as snuggling together. Many hours was spent playing and climbing on the cushions. My favourite thing was to watch them play around the edge of the cushions, lying flat against the floor and clawing along the cushion's edge while chasing each other... like a horizontal game of chasey. In time they became quite independent but still followed mum's lead. Twiggles held onto Autumn longer than Rofl but that's okay… it's always nice to have one mummy's boy in the litter. ;-)

The last photo, taken just before going back to Lort Smith Animal Hospital for adoption, I think sums up their personalities -- Twiggles happy to be poised and patient and Rofl already planning his next move. I am very proud of these little guys. Being born on the streets, life could have been so easily not as pleasant and sweet as they experienced, but thankfully our paths crossed right at the correct time. These boys didn't grow into the smoochers I had hoped (what with their early cute efforts) but they were adorable little gentlemen and I wish them long and gorgeous lives ahead. Both Twiggles and Rofl were adopted, as was Autumn.

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All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Catherine D.

Smoggy's Friends: Tiggles & Rofl  kitten
Smoggy's Friends: Tiggles & Rofl  kitten
Smoggy's Friends: Tiggles & Rofl  kitten
Smoggy's Friends: Tiggles & Rofl  kitten
Smoggy's Friends: Tiggles & Rofl  kitten
Smoggy's Friends: Tiggles & Rofl  kitten

Comments and LOLs:
abellino -
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12 points
They are so adorable! I love the white chest & paws!
MomcatSooma -
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gold kitten points
722 points
Wherever we go, whatever we do,
we're gonna go through it together.
We may not go far, but sure as a star,
wherever we are, it's together.

Wherever I go I know he goes.
Wherever I go I know she goes.
No fits, no fights, no feuds
and no egos, Amigos, together!

Through thick and through thin,
all out or all in.
And whether it's win, place or show.
With you for me and me for you,
we'll muddle through whatever we do.
Together, wherever we go.
mma -
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910 points
Such an adorable family; thanks for your loving these babies and for their story; fantastic they were adopted.
kittapotomus -
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45 points
Beautiful babies! I love the videos too. I have noticed that in all the vids you post you have such a gentle touch with the babies. They are all lucky to have you as their foster mom. Keep up the good work :)
skyeltd -
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249 points
Natthecat -
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1991 points
Oh so cute. @Catherine--I've been following Smoggy's friends since the beginning. Love your stories, shots and work to commemorate wonderful Smoggy. You are really cool.
mpenni1 -
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9 points
Sweetness and lucky to have you!
Snowysmom -
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395 points
Twiggles and Rofl are just adorable! I love this photo with their Mom, Autumn - so sweet! She's a beauty, too.
JulietsMom -
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131 points
Concerned Momma looking on from the sweet!
BirmanMama -
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936 points
Sweet furry little boys! Wonderful work you do and so happy they all found good homes.
Shirley -
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267 points
SharonK1973 -
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59 points
I think my heart just exploded from all this adorabuhlness!!!!
Girl Cat's mom -
L'il Anjils!!!
amycats -
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616 points
Autumn, Rofl and Twiggles -- love 'em all!
itigger2 -
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277 points
Handsome pair
jojosmom417 -
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33 points
Catherine, I've said it before and I'll say it again--you are an angel here on earth to take such loving care of these little babies. I know Smoggy smiles down on you every day.
KC -
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210 points
Adorable babies, and I love their names, too!
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