May 8, 2008
Merlín all-black kitten
egvdigital says: Dont let the appearance fool you. He is a real devil!
Photo Courtesy of and ©: egvdigital

Comments and LOLs:
Abs -
his eyes are almost like marbles they are realy pretty
Rachel -
Look at those eyes
Rosa -
its eyes are sooooooooo precious they are the beautiful things ive ever seen
sheepy -
OMG looking at those eyes!!! they tell you the TRUTH !!!
awwww... thats the kinda cutey to cuddle n' cuddle n' cuddle ^^
cloe -
this kitten is beatful i <3ed it
chocoluv -
black kitten points
213 points
He is adorable!
amycats -
gold kitten points
641 points
Merlin, more than two years ago! I wonder if he is still making magic?

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