August 9, 2009
MHarila says: Ulf is a mix of Somali and Norwegian forest cat! He was really small when we got him, but he's growing fast (: Now he's a year old, and is getting bigger and bigger! he weighs about 5,5-6kg! He talks all the time, and we go on walks every day. He's really smart and he knows lots of tricks, and we think he kinda behaves like a dog (:
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: MHarila

Ulf  kitten
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michael -
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So cute!!!!
BirmanMama -
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Handsome boy!
caseylarae -
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adorable! i've always wanted a white cat <333
crazybella -
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yeahkylieyeah -
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ULF! Such a cute name for a cute little kitty!
mouseleaves -
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He looks like he has Fennec fox ears, in this picture! Beautiful tail and head markings, too.

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