January 2, 2013
Ashes  kitten
ShannCarr says: Ashes was born to a stray that started hanging around my front door for food. He is the sweetest little thing . . . . takes after his mom. I got mom fixed and she is a fixture at my apartment building now and all the residents have adopted her. She just decides who to visit depending on what kind of mood she's in. Ashes has brought me so much joy and love. :) Can't imagine my life without him now. And my other two cats love him as well. :) The bathe him and cuddle with him like he's always been here.
Photo Courtesy of and ©: ShannCarr

Comments and LOLs:
GingersMom -
Thank you! Thank you for getting mom cat spayed!!! Your little boy is beautiful! I'm so glad when things work out. We're still trying to get our boy to stop biting, but it's frustrating! Anyway, congratulations on your sweetheart!
mrskitton -
What a little sweetheart!
Natthecat -
What GingersMom said!
Darcy -
What GingersMom said! I'm always happy to hear that the stray mom cat got spayed, so no more kits that might not get cared for. But we need more photos of Ashes and some of his mommy so we can write clever LOLs!
purrlady -
I agree w/Ginger'sMom, thank you for being so kind and responsible. Please post more photos of Ashes & his mom, & Ashes being loved on by his new furfamily.
ShannCarr -
I added more pictures of Ashes and his big brothers Oreo and Bacon. :)
jerri2913 -
That's how I found my SHEBA years ago. Her full name was Queen Sheba, and boy did she ever live up to the name. She "let me live with her." Ashes brought back fond memories for me. Thank you for you picture of ASHES. It made me smile!
giovannaciurli -
=^.^=***** Ashes and'a Beautiful
boy, I'm happy for him and his mom,
these cats are lucky!!!!!!
Ashes ,Very Nice blue eyes,and
Fabulous color coat!!!!!!Too Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
giovannaciurli -
=^.^= LOLs.......

This and 'my first floor
small blond boy with
big blue eyes.......puurrrrrrrrrrr
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