February 6, 2013
ThaiCats101 says: Junior was the best cat anybody could ever have. He recently passed away, on December 7th, 2012. We miss him very much, and no pet will ever replace him. Junior unfortunately disappeared for a few days. We looked all over for him, and put up missing pet signs. A few days after, we found him dead, and he had been "cat murdered". He was shot. Though a sad ending, Junior lived a great life. Junior was born at a cat farm. His birthday was April 2nd. (when Junior died, he was 1) When we went to get kittens, Junior and his older "brother" stood out to us. (His "brother", Snickers, isn't actually his brother, Snickers was born 2 weeks earlier.) Junior lived a great life, and we love him very much. Big brother Snickers misses his little brother very much, but we try to cheer him up. We love Junior, and we know even though short, he lived a great life.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: ThaiCats101

Junior  kitten
Junior  kitten
Junior  kitten
Junior  kitten
Junior  kitten
Junior  kitten
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purrlady -
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Heartbreaking. Whoever murdered Junior should be punished - ultimately his karma will catch up with him. Until then I hope you can keep Snickers inside where he's safe from idiots with guns.
barbie -
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So sorry for your loss. Junior looks like he was such a sweet kitty.
ThaiCats101 -
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yes purrlady, trust me, we have been extra careful with Snickers, always keeping him inside! thank you
Karim -
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I am so sorry about your loss, try to keep Snickers inside until you can find who was the idiot who murdered Junior.
Natthecat -
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This is very sad but also enraging. I don't trust myself to say fully what I feel, but I agree with your plan to keep Snickers inside! I have said before that the main causes of death in cats is traffic and kids with guns. Diseases are far down the list.
myrtlecat -
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It makes me sad to hear your story. We have 3 indoor cats and a stray cat that looks identical to your Junior, we call him Oreo. He just showed up one day. We feed him everyday and he has started to stay in at night b/c its so cold. I worry b/c there are a lot of people where we live who hunt. He won't stay in all the time, but I hope he gradually gets used to it. I don't understand why a person would shoot someone's pet. You did the best you could for Junior, keeping Snickers inside is a good idea if he will allow you to. They are independent little creatures.
aprilmlane -
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i'm in tears, so upset though i know this happens often. poor, poor little sweetheart. i remember my sweet all-black kitty, Balou, was "murdered" too, by poison on Halloween (I hate that holiday). He had slipped out the door the night before (I always kept him and his sister indoors). I'm so glad you gave him a happy life for as long as it lasted. I believe a better day for animals AND people is coming (Isaiah 11:9).
ThaiCats101 -
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Aprilmlane- thank you so much, and I am so sorry about Balou! Halloween is a very evil "holiday", and I'm so sorry somebody could do that to your kitty. I just hope someday animal abuse will stop. I hope someday animals will be treated better. Im torn up about your poor story. MYRTLECAT- yes, we have been trying to keep Snickers indoor. Junior and Snickers were both outdoor kitties, but now we have been trying our best to let Snickers stay inside. He still misses his outdoor life though, and he refuses to use a litter box, so he still has to go outside every few hours with our dog. The only good thing about him being outside is that our dog protects him alot. She does an amazing job at it. Another problem is that he isn't very good at being indoor. He likes to knock over trash cans, chew on cords, shred anything he can get to, and go places he isn't allowed. We have considered getting him declawed, but then we realized we couldn't because if he ever has to be outside for a long time for some reason, then he is going to need his claws in case of an animal attacking him or something. Plus I always though declawing was sort of cruel... I hope you kitties stay healthy and live long lives!!!
giovannaciurli -
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Everyting there was to say'already'been told by all these friends of the kittens,but I still want to express my sorrow for the loss of the small and GORGEOUS kitty Junior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As soon as I read this cruel crime,I cried,my heart cries out against the psichopath,cowardly and cruel than shot an Sweet kitty
domestic gave only Love!!!!!!!!!!
I wish with all my heart,in this demented,to the same end!!!!!
His brother Sweet Snichers,will be very sad,I hope you will pass' early this sadness,with all your Love and that of her friends doggie!!!!!!!!!! Yet again,I repeat,kitten to use the litter box in the house,'cause hazards are people who are cruel.......
....car and shoot!!!!!!!!!!
Good and long life to all of you,with all my heart!!!
Plese,excuse my imperfect Inglish!!
moontail -
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Oh my!!! That's so sad! I'm so sorry. :(
Maxybabylov -
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2 cats of mine were killed, not murdered, but they got killed by coyotes. One was named Ghost because she was a really fluffy white kitty, the other baseball because he had a black mark on his eye that looked like a bruse from a baseball. :'( I am seriously crying right now, thinking of my lost and killed babys! i wish you luck with evrything. :')
katzenmother -
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My condolences in losing such a sweet kitty. How people can do something like this to an animal is something I'll never comprehend. My friend who is a cat rescuer has somebody in her neighborhood who is intentionally hurting cats as several of hers have come home with broken legs and other injuries their vet believes is being caused by a serial cat abuser. My friend is worried because in addition to inflicting such pain on animals; often graduate up to abusing children and other adults. I have five cats and all stay in though two of them are "excape artists" I have to keep an eye on. Because of them I stopped using the front entrance and go out via the laundry room exit. Hint, hint, Snickers needs a little "mini me" brother who is of a Siamese mixture. Blessings to you and your fur family!
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