December 30, 2012
Ruby  kitten
crystaldancer19 says: She is a playful calico who loves to chase stuff.
Photo Courtesy of and ©: crystaldancer19

Comments and LOLs:
purrlady -
Ruby is such a pretty kitty - more photos, please!
Natthecat -
Ruby is a lovely name for this lovely cat. She gets my kiss on her heart-shaped nose.
Rodney1 -
What a lovely replaxed kitten! She looks like such a joy to have :D
Darcy -
It's easier to take photos of cats when they are sleeping. This one loves to chase stuff? Really? I challenge you to show us with more photos of Ruby!
JayPea -
Lol! I was thinking the very same thing. She is a pretty kitty.
giovannaciurli -
=^.^=***** This girl calico Ruby,
seems Wonderful, too good to have just a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More....Please!!
giovannaciurli -
=^.^= LOLs........

After a long run,
A nap and sweet dreams...puurrrrrrrrrrrrr
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