October 13, 2012
Fluffy  kitten
kittycat1156 says: he is my favorite kitten,and in this picture he was aboute to yawn.
Photo Courtesy of and ©: kittycat1156

Comments and LOLs:
Darcy -
Floofy-fluffy-fluffballz! Give us more photos to adore!
Kittycat168 -
Fluffy is so addorable.H playes with my moms hair,and sleeps with me at night.T white cat that is hugging him is his mother,Bagera.She is a cat that is scared easely.She runs away when you come too close to her,and you cant stop her when she is determaned to do something.
barbie -
Both kitties are beauties.
Natthecat -
Yes, Fluffy is fluffy and so is his mom! Give them my love.
giovannaciurli -
(^=^)<2** This momm with her little boy,they make a lovely picture,they are very Beautiful cats!!!!!!!!!
Has bright eyes and a Fluffy little face Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
giovannaciurli -
(^=^) (^=^) MOMMY.....A LITTLE
KittyMom -
docsquid -
Wow! What a beautiful pair of fuzzy fluffy gorgeousness.
kdsubmq|ellagno -
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