January 26, 2013
otabby says: She is very spunky and excited but is being lazy in this picture.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: otabby

Spunky  kitten
Comments and LOLs:
myrtlecat -
Pretty orange tabby, reminds me of my first cat when I was a kid, loved that cat to pieces. Very nice photo. :)
Natthecat -
Spunky is so fine! Her coloring and posture show intelligence, not laziness. Maybe she sees a bug. I agree that the photo is excellent.
Darcy -
Well, she has to slow down so you can take a good photo, right? Speaking of photos, please give us more. Then we can make cute LOLs!
mrskitton -
What a beautiful girl!
aprilmlane -
unlike Lou Grant, I love Spunk!! Beautiful orange kitty.
giovannaciurli -
=^.^=***** SPUNKY Beautiful girl orange,(it seem my cat Carotino boy)! She' Sweet in this photo
'cause not to admire and to praise with more pictures of this BEAUTY??
giovannaciurli -
=^.^= LOLs***********

And 'some who are posing...meowww
' cause I still do not Click! photo ?... I'm SO CUTE !,,PUURRRRR
Karim -
pretty orange baby
otabby -
Thanks, we try very hard to make her look adorable
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