March 3, 2011
Raoul says: Trixie is one of two half-feral kittens we adopted. Their mother gave birth to a litter of four kittens in someone's barn, and the poor man got all scratched up trying to catch the kittens and give them away. From the start, Trixie was the more daring of the two kittens. She'd be trying to defend her sister by hissing at us the first few days in our care, until she got used to us. Of course, being so tiny, her hisses were absolutely adorable.

Trixie kept on acting as the caregiver for Mitzi, her sister, until they grew up, when a funny thing happened. Mitzi grew bigger than her, and Trixie stayed a bit smaller and thinner. She was always very devoted to us, and even when we disciplined her for doing something she shouldn't have done, she wouldn't run away. She'd go sit in a corner for a bit, then forget all about it and come sit near us again.

Along the way, we had a few close calls, when we thought she might die. It looks like she was either poisoned or ate some poison at a neighbor's place. Twice we found her shaking horribly, unable to walk or stand, eyes terribly dilated. Thankfully, she pulled through okay, with the help of diuretics to flush out the poison, and grass juice, which turned out to be a miracle cure for her. We'd quickly blend some fresh grass from the yard into a green paste, mix it with water, and use a syringe to administer it orally. Within minutes, she'd feel better. We'd repeat the treatment three times a day for the next couple days or so. Keep that in mind in case your kitty is ever poisoned.

Trixie now lives with my grandmother in the countryside of Romania, together with her sister, and loves supplementing her diet with mice and the occasional eggs she steals from the chicken coop. :-)

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Raoul Pop
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Comments and LOLs:
mrskitton -
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584 points
She is absolutely precious.....I am so glad she now has a good home!
Raoul -
Thank you!
gotsparkly -
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23 points
Oh wow. Glad she was okay! Scary stuff there - one of many reasons my kitties are indoor kitties.

She's a cute little booger. Glad she's got a good home!
BirmanMama -
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951 points
Trixie is a very cute little girl. The thing about poisoning is scary but the grass juice sounds like a great home remedy.
docsquid -
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642 points
She is totally and utterly beautiful. So glad you were able to save this dear little angel.
wokkawokka -
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229 points
Hello, tiny big-eyed Trixie! Whoever would poison you should be poisoned themselves!!! You're a sweetie!
kibblegirl -
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1057 points
Trixie is a beautiful tabby girl. I guess one would not need to use "grass juice" if the cattie stayed inside. Sounds like a good remedy though. Thanks for sharing.
Natthecat -
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Ahh, Trixie is the cat's pajamas! Love her. Keeping her inside with lots of toys and cuddles will save her next 7 lives. Can you think about it?
Natthecat -
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Watched Mitzi and Trixi video. Your wife Ligia has a way with these vulnerable kitties!
JulietsMom -
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131 points
I'm glad that she has a farm of her own now, though I'm sure the mice would disagree! So glad that you helped save her.
catiam -
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220 points
Trixie is absolutely adorable. You can tell she's a little spunky. I like that.
Manicat -
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Huge soulful eyes in a tiny face- such a sweet kitten!
lisaboese -
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674 points
Oh, what a beautiful, precious baby; thank God you saved her from those poison attacks!!!!!
Mary Grace -
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She is a real beauty! It is funny, but years ago I heard that the perfect, complete cat food is ~ a mouse! I hope they both live long, happy, and healthy lives.
MrsMoncrief -
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34 points
Snowysmom -
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395 points
Trixie is sweet like her sister. So glad you were able to nurse her through some frightening times, and that she's now happy, living with her sister and your grandmother!
Smooch -
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736 points
Trixie is adorable, and how lovely to hear how she looked after her sister. March 3 is my birthday so it was lovely to have such a cute kitty on that day!
Elizabeth -
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God that picture is incredible! It has everything about her in it.
KC -
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just darling, like her sister Mitzie. Interesting recipe, that grass juice! No wonder they love to nibble on grass.
vbogbc -

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