September 14, 2008
 newborn orange tabby kitten
Photo Courtesy of and ©: Florencetime

Comments and LOLs:
Ginny B, -
How Adorable! Sweet Dreams Little One! I would like to cuddle you in my arms!
Becky -
Beautiful Dreamer!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbara -
How absolutely precious!
Sooz -
Oh my, oh my...
shaungrl -
Oh. That's just the whole candy store, it's so sweet. And I spy tiny, wee stickers on those widdle paws.
P. -
There is nothing more adorable than this picture!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
sdrDusty -
such cute little pink kitty-fingers!
Mary -
God bless, little one!!! I hope you're having a beautiful dream!!!
b -
Oooooo how buttery and sweet!!
Moire -
OMG Adorable !!!
kittyluvr4eva -
M & M -
Nothing but sweet dream's lil' one, so very special!
Rachii -
beyond cute!!!
mini moon -
give me an a-d-o-r-i-b-l-e
whats that spell
Moe -
Don't let this innocent face fool you!!!
Destiny -
Ok that kitty is so precious! cute lil orange face!
shannon -
soooo adorable
tuna -
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