January 9, 2009
Dingus  kitten
M€rcy says: Dingus was a feral kitten that I rescued. He had long hair and smoke coloring, but I have no idea what breed or breeds the little fluffball was.
Photo Courtesy of and ©: M€rcy

Comments and LOLs:
Ariana -
Awwwww! I got my fluff-ball cat feral, too!
henrytroi -
what a fantastic face!
Barbara -
He is beautiful,and oh those blue eyes are awesome.:)
brenda -
ANYONE that helps feral animals and gives them the blessing of human love deserves nothing less in return - You are AWESOME ! God Bless You !!!!!!!!
Annapolitan -
With those blue eyes, he looks like a lynx-point Ragdoll to me.
sonya -
Wow, what beautiful eyes! They look like Venetian glass.
pris84 -
What a sweetheart with such amazing eyes! The photo is amazing!
Carolyn -
He's so beautiful. His bright blue eyes and that cute little black and rose nose. How fortunate he is to have been rescued.
I wish we could save every cat and kitten on the planet.
Rachel -
Aww! so cute!
Marc -
Beautiful kitty; mixed-breed longhairs are always so pretty.
Talya -
He's so beautiful. What a wonderful shot.
Ginny -
Beautiful Angel with the Blue Eyes! Adorable!
M & M -
Rita K -
Moire -
These amazing eyes !!
b -
He is a doll!!
Charo -
He looks like my two Ragdolls! Such a sweet cat and you are such a wonderful person for taking him in with you!!
greg pace -
good job superman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
paje1 -
We have a pure white feral longhair who has those same blue eyes. Unfortunately he is stone deaf and neurotic with strangers. He's called Mickey and you can see him on You Tube under my user name Paje1
Hannah -
look at that blue!!!
Moe -
He's so pretty.
Meggie & Piper -
awww....she's so beautiful...
chocoluv -
black kitten points
213 points
I'd say part ragdoll or himilayan...beautiful!

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