February 10, 2009
renidens says: When my friend's Kurilian Bobtail cat had kittens I went to visit and take photos. You've already met Alesha and Arisha. Well, they had a brother whose name was Antonio Banderas. He was much darker than his siblings and a rowdy-dowdy! He went to live with a family who loves him very much.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: renidens

Comments and LOLs:
Catimini -
He seem to be a quiet little guy. Trop mignon !
Rachii -
he is adorable :)
Lindsay -
I just want to bring him home. So cute!
Gigi -
If this is Antonio Banderas, then I'm a huge cinema fan! HOLA, MAS GUAPO!
MC -
He is adorable! Both he and his siblings, Alesha and Arisha look very much alike, with that long beautiful fur, he is a little darker in his colorings....good to know that they're all taken care of!
Barbara -
He is gorgeous :)
Toritat -
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awww sweetie!
vampires12 -
aaaaaawwwwwww sssssssooooooooo cccuuuttteee!
Katy Cat -
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Bethyy -
Brandy -
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I see you... :P
Michele from Paris -
Oh, Antonio, you are one striking cat!
LaunaloveskittiesXD -
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This bebe is so cute, I just thru up in my mouth a lil 8I
Jon W. -
Oh,you handsome boy!
emilie -
aaaaaawwwwwwww o my god he's ssssoooooo cute! aaawwwww
Ginny B -
What a Cutie! Glad he has a happy home!
alyssa:) -
BOY,u're soo CUTE babeyh!
b -
Dark and so appealing!! A.B. should be honored!
katie -
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what big eyes you have

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