April 19, 2017
Joseph says: Ema and Emi were collected by friends along the road. In the photos the kittens had just arrived at home. They were a little afraid but had agreed to have their picture taken. ;) Emi is a female. She lives with me. Ema is also a female. She now lives with friends and is called Mercredi ("Wednesday" in French). Both live near the city of Chartres in France.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: josephsardin
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Ema (and Emi) [4]  kitten
Comments and LOLs:
mouser -
Such adorable little kitties! Happy they both have a furever home.
Golfergirl55 -
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OMG - how adorable. Glad they were saved and now have wonderful homes!!!
judymack812 -
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Thank you for rescuing such precious little kittens. I love this picture with the little drop of milk on her mouth.
TigerPJ -
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Emi and Ema are two beauties ... so happy they were saved and both have loving happy homes! xo xo
MomcatSooma -
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OMC - adorable!
kittysmama -
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thanks for saving these little girls
elly -
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Handsome couple! So glad they found furever homes.

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