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February 26, 2009
Betsy says: Miss Maddie was rescued -- along with her sister Miss Audrey Fuzzburn and three other siblings -- in late September by a local Richmond, VA, volunteer group. Originally, Miss Maddie was called Miss Maddie Messybutt, and for good reason! Almost from birth, these kittens had no choice but to fend for themselves on the street in order to survive. Personal grooming was the last thing on their little minds; hunting for food took priority over everything else. Eventually after they'd been in our care for about a week, they started taking better care of themselves as instinct took over. We were finally able to drop the Messybutt surname at that point. :-) Miss Maddie and Audrey got along great, often watching out for each other when danger was imminent. The photos of the two of them were taken while my husband was running the Shop-Vac. They were both absolutely terrified, but they stuck together in semi-hiding! Based on their timid personalities, we believed that Miss Maddie and Miss Audrey were the youngest of the litter. Maddie was the clear cuddlebum of the group early on and responded almost immediately to our touch with loud purring, long before the others even learned how. As she grew older, she often had a wistful look in her eyes, as if she were daydreaming about her next meal, or catnap, or playtime with her siblings. She was adopted in October along with one of her other siblings. We were pleased to see them be able to remain together, to keep each other company. Their new owners have both a resident cat and a large mixed-breed shepherd dog, but at last report everyone was coexisting peacefully.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Betsy Foster
Please visit Betsy's main photo Web site to see more of her beautiful photography
Also please visit her music Web site to hear samples of her award-nominated original compositions

Comments and LOLs:
Lauren -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
Cuuuuuute! She is just too precious!
Michele -
Absolutely darling!
Boris -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
DOUBLE TROUBLE...DOUBLE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
scamps -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
Oh, how bashful!
Jen -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
My first mum used to call me Miss Messybutt *giggling into paw*... lucky for my new mum that isn't an issue anymore!
MC -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
yes I do remember Miss Audrey Fuzzburn and its so nice to meet her little sister Miss Maddie Messybutt (although that nickname was dropped since they're all doing a better job at grooming, LOL). It great to hear that they were all adopted togehter and that they get along with the other resident animals.
Catimini -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
"Hide and seek ! I am goo at that game" ;)

Very cute little kitten.
Carolyn -
Such green eyes! She's a little love. Black and white cats are my favorite!
Sky -
she is adorable what a lovely kitten.
kittapotomus -
She's precious. Just curious.... why do people have to use this place to be mean^?
Lindsay -
So adorabley cute!
Gemma -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
"You win.I surrender"
april -
I always think the world of people who are able to foster pets, I could never do that because I'd never be able to give them up therefore me becoming the crazy cat lady
Melissa -
Ok seriously...Miss Maddie has a brother--and it's my cat, Phantom. I must send you kitten pictures so we can share the resemblance. It is FREAKY.
Candi -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
What sweethearts!!
Lydia -
So adorable!
Elizabeth -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
Praying for a good home
Tarah in Shockoe -
She's just as precious as her sister....Did you find a home for Miss Audrey yet?
Betsy -
It's not easy being fostering such cute babies -- and we had two litters who I still shed a tear for occasionally. The first time someone adopted our kittens at Petsmart, I made a beeline for the ladies' room so they wouldn't see me crying! Tarah, Audrey is still available. Are you local to Richmond?
AWE she is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!
Toritat -
omg she's so beautiful. :)
BooBooTigger -
Those are just the cutest! What a great site : )
Tarah in Shockoe -
I am...Shockoe Bottom on Cary St.

The hard part will be convincing my husband. You can email at [e-mail forwarded by TDK]
Birman Mama -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
How precious! She looks like she has a secret she's trying to keep!
Katy Cat -
Precious <3
Luvsthekittahs -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
Oh noes! It's the Shop Vac! :o
efm411 -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
Oh Lord, thank you fort this day!
Sera;D -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
"The force is with you strong I feel" (LOL) Whatta cute yoda bitty:D
Bethyy -
gorgeous <3
Laurel -
Such crookedy eyebrows! Love them <3
Tash -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
What a cutie pie!
Elyse -
I am a foster pet parent and I just the joy they bring to my life...They are so sweet.
KK -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
I think she wants a belly rub!! how adorable!!
heather -
They are adorably cute!!
brenda -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
so expressive ! Adorable !
Shahira -
They are adorable.
Karen R -
Oh, how cute! Wish I could adopt another kitty.
Bernie -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
Look at her paws! Such a cutie!
LindaLee -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
Aww, they look a little timid here but I am so happy to hear they were adopted together. I love happy endings!
I really love kittens, they are so loving and cute. All the pictures are great...
Rachii -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
it looks like she is having a little giggle to herself :P
AK -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)

"Fank you lord for dis foster family and the loves I am given"

They are beautiful.
b -
Dreamy little girl!!
Barbara -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
These little ones are beautiful, and I am so happy things turned out better for them :)
katzenmother -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
gold kitten points
981 points
Glad to hear all worked out so well. In this photo Maddie looks like she is having a secret giggle.
KC -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
black kitten points
229 points
Such a doll!!

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