Martin says: The photos of this stray kitten were taken at our weekend cottage in a forest 35 km from Bratislava.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Martin Hronský

Comments and LOLs:
kittapotomus -
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AWWWW! This baby can come live with me. Such a sweet face.
Candy -
I love cats!! Is there a way I can post photos of our cat or kitten?
Candy -
Is there a way I can post photos of our cat or kitten?
Sara -
HE is adorable! I love cats and have two of my own, one a stray that I saved, and the other an adopted tabby. I love this site and your newsletter...

Colin -
Thats i cute kitten, i'll take it :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
p -
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Poor little baby looks scared. I hope someone has a good heart to take him and give him a wonderful furever home!!!
Boodie -
Awwww what an adorable kitty...
Maggie -
OMG!!! He is ADORORBLE!!! Too bad mom won't let us have any more...(I'll take him anyway ;D)
marc -
awesome looking kitten, makes me sad he does'nt have a home
henrytroi -
I want to tame that stray! Thank you for sharing.
Barbara -
What a beautiful kitten,and such a sweet face :)
McFreddie -
That is a cute little kitty. Hope it finds a nice person to hug it and squeeze it and call it George.
Elyse -
My heart goes out to stay animals without loving homes...I sure hope there is a kind sole that will take care of this sweet kitty.
MC -
Please say that someone has given this sweet little gray tabby a loving home, he deserves to be someone's joy!
MC -
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So curious, and alert ....LOL
He has such a cute face!
Kendall -
If he needs a home, I'll take him!!!!!!!
Sheri -
he looks very curious, like he wants to play with you :)
Toritat -
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Omg so cut!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy Cuteness -
Beautiful baby, i would love to adopt him or her...
mini moon -
awww! pour kitten! i get so upset that some kittens have to face the wild!
AkiraDay -
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he looks like a tiger!i wish i could have another cat(we have 2)!
LindaLee -
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What a beautiful kitten! I hope he finds a good home!
Becky P -
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Beautiful kitten...I hope a Forever Home is in this ones future!
Boris P K -
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Tiffany -
I'll Take 'em.. :)
Lydia -
b -
A real sweetie!!
b -
A sweetie!!
Julie -
Awww, sweet baby. Curious and yet not so sure about that hoooman taking pictures of him.
Lauren -
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Want! Maybe this little one will help keep my other kitten out of trouble and wear her out!
Carolyn -
PLEASE go rescue that kitty and take him home! Such beautiful markings! He needs a mama/daddy!
hannah montana -
oh how cute
Jon W. -
My goodness! He's such a cute lil' kitty....someone please find him a nice home!
Ginny B -
What a Cute Little Kitten!
Ginny B. -
Cute Little Kitten!!
maryia -
Omigosh:) I want this kitty:)
cupkat48 -
awwww it can come live with me but i live in nz
Rachii -
its soooo cute, i just love its cute little face :)
Rosemarie -
I really do hope someone takes this
Kitten and gives him a good home. He deserves it. Why not the person who took the photos???
Elyse -
What beautiful eyes and a lovin face.
Alexandra -
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Very precious. Such a beautiful kitten. I hope it survives as a stray
miranda -
she looks so umm what the word mystical and adorable at the same time
alyssa:) -
stray kitten again!

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