August 8, 2017
Diana says: I volunteer at the Toronto Humane Society, where I visit and play with the resident kitties, help to feed them, and photograph them. From time to time one or another captures my heart and becomes my "favorite." For the time she was at the shelter, Suki was definitely my favorite.

When I first met her, I saw that the previous people that fed her wrote on her chart that she didn't want to eat and only ate three mls. When I took her and tried to feed her, she didn't want to eat from the syringe, but kept sucking on my finger as though it was a nipple. So I put the food into a bottle and she ate for 1.5 hours! No joke, she ate at least 45 mls that day, and would have kept eating if I had given her more food. She was the funniest kitten. After she ate, her belly would get distended which made her look even funnier! She kept sucking on my finger and purring endlessly. I think she missed her mommy as she was in a cage all by herself. I named her Suki. At first I named her Suckie because she kept sucking on things, but then I thought Suki was a much nicer name :) Her expressions were so cute. Her nose was a little peeled off so it appeared bigger than it really was. She was the funniest and cutest kitten and I was in love with her.

One day I went to see her and found that she had charmed other volunteers as well. Another volunteer loved Suki and was trying to talk her boyfriend into letting her bring her home. I kept trying to convince her to take Suki and she kept trying to convince me to take Suki. But too bad, someone else beat us to it! I am happy for her, but at the same time I miss her heaps! She truly was a special kitten whose charm came so effortlessly and who was even cuter because she was unaware of it. Oh, Suki... I hope you will always have good food to eat and a warm place to sleep.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Diana Truong aka Digital Di

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Cerirose -
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Nothing quite so lovely to look at as a cat sleeping contentedly :O)
MissyRosler -
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What a little cutie!! I hope the other volunteers learned to try a bottle next time a little one refuses to eat!
LindaG -
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She's absolutely adorable and beautiful. I can see where it would be very easy to fall in love with her.
Her name is nice, too.
Golfergirl55 -
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AWWWW - no wonder you fell in love!! She is too precious!!! BTW - hello from Ottawa, Diana!!!
Natthecat -
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Another week of sweethearts!
Gabby -
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Lovely Suki story!!!!! So glad you figured out what she needed, and that she grew into so many hearts!!!!!
mouser -
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such a sweet little soul! happy that someone took her to her furever home -
mma -
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Suki is a darling. I can see why you loved her! Thank you for being able to give care and love to little ones like her.
TigerPJ -
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Suki is a beautiful little girl. I feel your loss deeply. I know she will be in your heart forever.
MomcatSooma -
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What a darling girl! All she needed to feel better was a full belly. xoxo
ILoveKittyCats -
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What a little sweetheart you are Suki ❤️ Thank you for all the wonderful pictures too!
kittysmama -
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so cute and tiny

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