March 26, 2009
Claudia says: In addition to my friends Sunny and Nanny, I have other kitten friends that I see when I go out. Here is Charly, my secret love. I meet Charly always on my walk to work. Then he jumps up my leg and invites me to play. Charly likes belly rubs the best and he can't get enough. Sometimes I forget the time and come late to my work. But my chief loves cats himself and accepts Charly as excuse ;-) ;-) ;-)
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Claudia H.

Comments and LOLs:
Taylor -
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What pretty kitty eyes :)
Faye -
O its tayst like cheezberger...
but not cheezberger
Holy Cuteness -
Awww, what a fluffy little ball of cuteness...
Catimini -
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Cute little fur ball kitty !!
awww -
Shelia -
For years I've been calling black cats with blue eyes "Charleyface," based on a dream I had once. Strange to find one named Charly in waking life. :)
furryphotos -
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I love this one :D NOM!
Katy Cat -
Pretty cute!
Justine -
Awww she is BEAUTIFUL i love her :)
Lindsay -
He's a fluffy little fellow, very cute!
april -
I'd be late to work everyday if I had such a cute cat waitting on me as I walk by
lala313 -
Such a photogenic lil' one.... So precious....
Lydia -
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You're very strong, I'd never make it to work at all! :)
Rogahar -
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"No you can not has this back.
Is my finger now.
Nomnomnom <3"
willows mommy -
awwww! he's so floofy!
Cat Lover -
He is cute...How did you walk past him everyday knowing he did not have a home? I would have taken him home with me!
Carolyn,Sissy,Missy -
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Me too first day, what a cutie, that adorable face.He is so beautiful I like his markings, Glad he has a home now.
Alice -
He can make me late for work any day of the week!
kittylover -
What a beautiful baby kitten. I want to hug him through the screen. You should take him to your boss and say here's Charly take him home and I won't be late anymore. He is really really pretty.
Bailey -
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black kitten pointsblack kitten pointsblack kitten points
378 points
Barbara -
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Charly is beautiful,I'd love to have him for my own.I hope someone will make him their own someday :)
sharon -
how wonderful
Michelle -
tamsin-Emillie -
oh man i wish my boss accepted that as a late excuse as i often stop to stroke a kitty that is there on my way to work :P
Carolyn -
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I want Charly! He's a little love!
Cricket -
Please tell me someone has provided a home for Charlie, I wouldn't want anything to happen to him?
geoingo -
omg she looks just like my kitten!
cupcake48 -
look at that sweet heart
SueBee -
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Love that pointy little tail, what a frisky little fuzzball!
Kitten Luver Extreme -
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Such a sweet little ball of fluff! ^_^
Birman Mama -
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Such a cute little furball! I'd accept your late excuses, too. Only a meanie could pass by all that cuteness and not stop for a quick tummy rub.
Taylor -
I don't believe Charly is homeless, just an outdoor cat that the photographer would run into on the way to work, I'm sure the little furball is perfectly safe and well loved :).
vampires12 -
ooooh, he is just a little cuty! you could just eat him up!
Emma -
He is just sooo adorable! My cat loves his belly rubbed too!
Katie -
this site makes my day:)
lynxgirl66 -
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sweet, tiny, lovable and adorable!!!!! MEEEEEEEE-OWWLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Too bad he isn't part of a pair of kittens - that would be my only way to be able to take him home! SO cute, so innocent. I really hope he has a good home.
alyssa:) -
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so damn cute!
lick my finger plz!:)
LindaLee -
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He's so beautiful!
grace -
You should just pick him up and take him home -- that is if he doesn't belong to anyone. He'd be wonderful to have around all the time.
nanci -
Charly has to be my top cutest baby! I'd adopt him in a second!
b -
He is adorable!!
chocoluv -
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I would be late to work, too! How could you resist not stopping and spending time with this beauty!
katzenmother -
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It would be easy to forget the time and get to work late running across Charly. He looks more like a stuffed toy than a kitten he is so adorable. I'd love to see an adult photo of this guy. Blessings.

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