March 12, 2018
Eva says: Apple was the cutest, funniest little tubular kitty -- five weeks old when I met her. She was alone in her cage. Found alone. Someone just brought her in and left her in the shelter. She was too young to be adopted so I took her as a foster. She was sooo cute, tiny yet with such serious expression that two different foster mothers melted and offered to foster her.

She is about two months now and continues to be super cute, although differently. Her foster mom says that she is very affectionate, and when she plays she never uses her little claws. Kittens like this don't come along very often -- most of them like to experiment with their claws at least. Maybe she will change? I don't know. She loves all kittens and cats in her foster home and enjoys the "amusement park" in her foster home which is set up for feline entertainment, including gerbils in a tank, a race track for toy cars, and fishtanks.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Eva P.
Eva volunteers for several NYC-area shelters and rescues
including City Critters and K9Kastle Rescue

Comments and LOLs:
elly -
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What a draling, I hope she found a lovely furever home!
Natthecat -
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Eva, this little Apple is sweet to the core! And her growly face makes me smile!
MissyRosler -
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71 points
ILoveKittyCats -
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Love the little mark by her nose
kittysmama -
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such a nice little girl. would like to see more pics of her.
TigerPJ -
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Lovely little demure Apple. So very sad she was found alone. I hope she was adopted by a loving family and is cherished. XO
judymack812 -
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Beautiful little girl
Golfergirl55 -
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She is so adorable!!!!!!!!
MomcatSooma -
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Apple is absolutely darling!

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