April 5, 2009
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Anna's Fotos
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Comments and LOLs:
Auriga -
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POUNCE! Vampire kitty in action!
Lina -
Wow... they are cute in spooky sort of way. You could imagine Morticia breeding a bunch of these felines. ;-}
Margot -
they are so precious!!! and I enjoy how warm sphynx kitties are.
Felicia -
All cats are beautiful, and I really love these.
Katy Cat -
Munted! But still cute I guess?!?
Waffle -
*shudder* It really bothers me that that's what cats look like without their fur.
Pam -
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AAWWW I think they are adorable. I think they are the cutest things on earth. They say these kitties are very loving. Thanks for the cutest pictures.
MrMacMan -
har har har... april fools?

oh... not a joke.
Sorry, i prefer the ones with hair
Carolyn,Sissy,Missy -
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I must say I do not know that much about these cats, I understand they are excellent for people who have allergies. They are cute in their own way I really like this picture so cute. Yet different
Lydia -
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I've never met a Sphynx in person, but it looks to me like they just enforce our idea of kitties as small people with fur. :)
Im 4 breakfast -
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omg it's Edward biting Bella's ear ang Jacob (the tall one) is watching them!!! ^_^
LindaLee -
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These baby Sphynx are absolutely beautiful! I love this baby very much! He's adorable!
LindaLee -
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It's amazing what a wonderful photo this is even though there's a kitty misbehaving!
Barbara -
They are adorable :)
Susie -
Not many people actually like sphinx and not many would adopt them, i think it's wonderful the way you Saw past they're furless bodies and loved them all the same.
Kitten Luver -
eww these thing are gross! :S
Shaungrl -
Aw. Sweet 'yoda' kittehs. I've been told they feel like velvet because furless is really a bit of a misnomer. *tickles those tummies*
Dev Halena -
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Such precious little kitties! I've always wanted a cute little Sphinx kitty.
stageprincess -
uuuuggggh,they kinda scare me.
Carolyn -
I don't know about these guys. They look like aliens. However, the fact is, under their fur, my cats look just like this!
Etna -
Anyone who can't appreciate their beauty is silly. These are some seriously awesome cats!
Suzianne -
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LOL, looks like the one on the left is planning something for the one on the right. Nekkid cuties for sure.
Sarah -
Sphinx kitties are so incredibly precious. They are SO active and interactive with their humans. And since their body temperatures are about 4 degrees higher than normal mammals, they make excellent warm snuggle babies!
Elaine -
I don't care that they don't have fur, it's personality that counts to me. The last picture is so funny!!!! I hear they are quite intelligent and very sociable...which is more important to me than looks!
Sarah S. -
my mom looked at this and said "I never knew half the cuteness of kittens was in their fur!" I agree with her. They are sort of elegant if you don't think of them as cats, and i suppose you'd get used to them after a bit... but other than that, no appeal. Those kittens look no different than adults except for size. Sorry, but I can't say i like this one much.
vampires12 -
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they are so ugly their cute! i never really liked that kind of cat even tough they are cute.
They r ugly!!!!!!! But the last picture is funny...lol!
Anne -
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Amazing (and somewhat creepy) how much this paw, lying on the other kitten's leg, looks like a human hand. I'm sorry, I know these are cats that people love, but to me they just look like rat-kittens.
dskj435 -
Ugliest. Kitten. Ever.
Ashley -
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They are so adorable! They grow a thin layer of velvety fur when the mature, so they aren't totally without fur. They are such expressive, silly cats.
Cricket -
They look like an older person with those wrinkles, can't say they appeal to me either. But I hope I look like that when I'm older with no clothes on....he he.
But, I know I would love them in person as I love and adore all animals. Its not whats on the outside that counts.
Should we buy them some little fur coats???? he he
Rosy Posy -
Awwww... so pretty. I used to have a hairless rat that was a total sweetheart. I bet yer kittas are sweetie pies too.
p -
Even with kitties people can not get beyond looks. Everything has to be pretty or cute. I myself think they are cute!!!!!!!!! Remember looks aint everything underneath they say these cats have wonderful personalities.
Shawn -
We humans sometimes tend to be shallow and look just for "pretty". I had not been introduced to this wonderful breed and knew little of them when a friend first started raising them...and since then I have found that they are incredibly intelligent little beings. They interact not only well with other cats but with people as well. They are terribly affectionate and want/need to be with their people. And mischievious. They love to play and get into things. Cupboards are not safe as they will learn to open them. They know where the good stuff is kept! For those that weren't too sure about these little guys (which really are very beautiful creatures) take a look around at some other photos on the net. Their personalities show through even in still photos...you might surprise yourself and learn more about this breed and see them in a different way.
Symeezgurl -
Thanks for showing off your kitty family. They are really fascinating and that last photo looks posed, although, you can't get cats to pose on command. We all know that. The bite-ee looks so bored! V.funny!
Kendall -
Not to be rude, but these cats are UGLY!!! I prefer ones with hair.
nekokoneko -
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Awww! Sphynx is my favorite breed of cat! They are so precious! *huggles*
Gidget -
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Aw, he's just a little wrinkly, is all! Look at that youthful kitten face!
Jackie A -
Awww I think they are just adorable! all those people who think they are ugly-guess what all of your cats look just like this without the hair, and I bet they don't even have half the personality that these guys do!! You can tell they are loving little cuties who want affection. Thanks for sharing :)
Suzy -
I LOVE CATS and KITTENS but my god, I cant find anything cute about these cats...I mean if oyu can look past the creepyness ofthe feet and ears you rock...shudder.....
lulu -
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they are beyond beautiful! unique and lovely and so sweet looking!! i wish people didn't succumb to their own knee-jerk reactions...
Elyse -
My goodness, just too cute for words. I love cats and I can certainly appreciate all breeds. This little sweet hearts needs lots of love and caring just like all other kitties.
chelsea -
i think they are just adorable! my second favorite breed. can't wait to get one so my Devon Rex can have a playmate!
joe -
I don't get it. How could anyone want an animal to have no fur? It's like the sickest thing to breed :(
Here in Germany we call it "Qualzucht"
Tif -
They look like old kitties, all wrinkled like puppies (pugs). Cute and exotic!
b -
They're very stately-looking!!
Stacy -
Sphinx cats are one of my favorites; I'd take them in a heartbeat! Lucky find!
katty -
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I love sphynx cat..im planning to buy one
lovezkittys -
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I think they are awesome cats!!
tuna -
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DayStarPrincess -
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Adorable!! I want one!!

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