September 11, 2018
Flint-Hill says: We live on a farm in Pennsylvania, where we do what we can for a dozen or so feral and semiferal cats. We make sure they have access to food and fresh water 365 days a year, treat them for worms and Coccidia twice a year, and provide heated dogloos inside the barn in the wintertime. As a result, the ones who live on our property are or at least appear to be healthy. Angel Face is one of our barn cats, a tiny and friendly kitty who, like most of her tribe, is a fierce fighter when she has to be. This year Angel gave birth to Max and Maven. She brought them down to the house and raised them under a rainfly we pitched in the shrubbery before taking them back to the feral life a few weeks later. Max is now a handsome adolescent who lives in our barn and in the neighboring woods.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Flint-Hill

Angel's Little Boy Max [5]  kitten
Angel's Little Boy Max [5]  kitten
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Natthecat -
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I love what you do! But are you against TNR? Would like to know more about this and your philosophy in specific.
Golfergirl55 -
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Gorgeous!!! I agree with Natthecat. I'm sure you have your hands full running a farm. And thank you for all you do for the kitties!!!!!!
judymack812 -
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You are taking wonderful care of these cats but I would think they are not really feral. I have feral I feed at my house. They know I feed them but will run at the site of me outdoors. That you can medicate these cats on a regular basis leads me to believe they are outdoor barn cats but not really feral. I do wish you could get some of them neutered/spayed. I know how farm life works and you want some to reproduce but it will get out of hand at some point.
TigerPJ -
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Max is a handsome guy. Stay safe honey bunch. XO
Stonewall -
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These are both lovely kittens and Mother Angel has a stark beauty to her.
It is my experience with clans of ferals who have regular even if intermittent contact with humans who care for them that the Mothers , if gently captured, Spayed, and returned live a much easier life back in the colony.
In any event, the work you do for this brood, and the obvious love behind it deserve our great admiration for you.

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