Betsy says: Marco Polo's favorite pastime was sleeping! He and Christopher Columbus were the two adventuresome explorers of the litter, which is how they got their names. Marco typically followed in big brother Christopher's footsteps. He was adopted in September by a fellow photographer from Newport News, Virginia. We've had the privilege of watching him grow up through numerous photos shared with us by his new parents.
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Mama-San's #4: Marco Polo [5]  kitten
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Natthecat -
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Marco Polo, aka The Sleeper, gathers his strength! To continue sleeping.
judymack812 -
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Marco Polo relaxing after one of his adventures what a pretty cat. I am glad he went to a home that had no kids and he got to stay there I wish we could have seen him grow up.
TigerPJ -
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You are a precious little one Marco Pollo ... Glad you are living the good life with a family that loves you. xo
kittysmama -
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looks like he is praying

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