May 18, 2019
Araleya says: Sanshiro is a very young cat we found at Mae Klong Delta, Thailand. I took my Japanese friends there and we found him staying around our feet. First he found me, he ran and run his head on my legs and didn't let me go. It was seafood market, but he was so thin and so hungry. I asked the sellers about owner and his mother. They owner and no mom. I have one cat and two dogs but decided to take him with me. I asked my Japanese friend to give him name. Sanshiro is given by my sensei (teacher). He told me Sanshiro is name of Japanese hero. Hero boy. There comes Sanshiro... or I call him, San.

At home he got warm welcomed by my Labrador, Poon. Poon is his mom now. Sanshiro always sleep with Poon and drink milk but there is no milk. Sometimes I used straw to drop milk there so Sanshiro could feel a drink from mother. When Sanshiro went out to yard, Poon will take him in her mouth and bring back to kitchen. Just recently I wonder why he make sucking noise so real. So I check... it’s miracle that my dog, not pregnant nor giving birth, but she has MILK. She cleans Sanshiro with love and care. They often sleep together and make happy sighs.

Now he is happy... so lovely and cheerful. He could play with everything, chair, mat, wagging tail of dog, his feet, his tail, or my hair. Like baby, waking up, play too much, and sleep. And always play. If no one can stand playing with him, he play alone and act as if it is so full of fun playing with any still life on ground. Like naughty boy he take some of my properties unseen. He play with my hair-tie so he got punished by wearing it. But he was not feel sad, just stood proudly and asked me, "I'm just too lovely, right?" Sanshiro brings smiles and love for all of us. One night sleep with his dog mom, another he sleeps with my niece, and another he comes to hide under my blanket. Sanshiro acted as if he gave his life to me. Till now he still is... he just follows me like my shadow. I think he is very happy with us. Sometimes I think Sanshiro is a special gift.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Araleya

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Natthecat -
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Sanshiro and Poon are both special gifts. Please never raise your voice at them over silly things like hairties.
mma -
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San, you are so fortunate to have a family now. You are so handsome and fun!
judymack812 -
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Sanshiro is beautiful kitten and I love your wonderful story. May you always be happy and healthy together.
Stonewall -
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Sanshiro is certainly beautiful. I'm not so sure he should be nursing from the lovely Mommy dog though. Feline and canine nutrient needs are widely different.He looks to me that cat food and fresh clean water are the ticket at this stage. Thank you for rescuing him.
TigerPJ -
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I'm loving this picture of a cool kitty! xo

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