Tom Poes says: Sunshine, whose full name is actually “Ragmagic Brighter Than Sunshine," is a gorgeous seal point bicolor lady that has become one of the cornerstones of out cattery. As a kitten she was already too cute for words, which resulted in her being awarded the title of TICA Regional Winner for being the Best Ragdoll Kitten in Europe North during show season 2005-2006. Since then she has advanced to Double Grand Champion status, despite the fact that we have hardly shown her as she has been too busy being a mom. However, Sunshine does not give the impression that she minds this; we believe she likes being a mom better. Sunshine is a very liberal and relaxed rather than overprotective mom. She’ll keep a close look on her little ones and make sure that they are not harmed by other cats. However, if they should decide to climb to the highest level of a cat tree, she will not interfere. As a result, all ten kittens she had in total have grown into lovely, well-tempered, and very confident cats that we are very, very proud of.

Last May, Sunshine gave birth to four kittens: three girls, Dakota, Savannah, and Winona; and a sturdy boy called Yosemite (Josh). This litter was virtually care-free. They were born in Spring and enjoyed most of the summer with us, chasing butterflies and stealing pieces of food during bbq’s. And we enjoyed every single moment with them.

Josh, a blue point bicolor, grew into a beautiful, big boy that loves his wet food and midday naps. His favourite pastime was curling up against a fellow ragdoll, even better, one of us, for then he would be petted as well. He was adopted by Julia, a 12-year-old girl who immediately fell in love with his bedroom eyes. He now lives in a country house with a Norwegian Forest Cat friend and two dogs. Even though he can roam the premises, he rather spends time sleeping on the kitchen table near his favorite people (and the fridge).

Dakota, a seal point bicolor girl, lived up to her native American name, being a "friend of all." She was by far the most curious and helpful kitten from the litter. When you tried to take pictures of the litter, she would try to catch your eye. If you were washing windows or doing other chores, Dakota would be there you help and/or supervise you. Lydia, a friend of ours, fell in love with Dakota the moment she saw her as a tiny kitten. Dakota now helps Lydia with her rug hooking or being a photo model.

With hindsight, Savannah, another seal point bicolor girl, should have been named “Little Miss Sunshine” as she is almost a carbon copy of her mother. As a result, we have been showing this gorgeous girl on several shows now and we are not disappointed with the results. She has a wonderful temperament and loves to cuddle and give wet smooches. We hope to have the opportunity to have at least one litter with her as we would love to see whether she passes on her good looks and temperament as well.

Winona, a seal point mitted girl, on the other hand has inherited all the good traits of her father, which is a blessing for us as he passed away when this litter was just a week old. She even inherited his cross-eyed phase. Her biggest talent is being so sweet that you would almost develop toothache by spending time with her. Even though we do not intend to use her for breeding, we are quite reluctant to let her go as she’s such a doll and a wonderful companion. Winona, which means “first daughter” in Dakota, is a very fitting name and we are happy to have her.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Tom Poes
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They are beautiful and it never ceases to amaze me how much I love all cats, big or small.

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