May 25, 2019
Eva says: Even though I already have four cats of my own, I volunteer for several animal shelters and rescues, such as City Critters, and sometimes I take in foster kittens. Little Anabelle was one of a litter of three that I fostered recently, along with her sister Lucy (a grey tabby) and her brother Simon (all black). Lucy was adopted first. Anabelle and Simon went together to a wonderful home... but I was heartbroken because I had this amazing relationship with Anabelle. The entire time she was in my home she did not leave my side for a minute. She would sit on my lap and purr so loudly I couldn't hear my thoughts! She helped me with computer work, slept with me, watched me taking a shower, and insisted on sitting on my shoulder when I ate, read, or watched tv. Her sis and brother were very nice as well, but this one was really special. She was much smaller and thinner -- probably the last one born? And those mittens! To die for! I soooooo wanted to keep her. But I knew I couldn't be selfish and have six cats in a two-cat-lease apartment. A perfect adopter came forward to adopt her and her brother. The man and his wife are cat lovers and their cat of 17 years had passed away and they wanted to fill the void. Anabelle will have a good life for sure. Will I without her? Should it matter? I should really focus on her well-being. Anyway, I cried for a few days and cherished the sweet memories. Her new name is Emma. She has a great home and I still miss her. Why is life so hard?
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irisclara -
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You are a good mama. Be proud of the great kitten you helped raise. It would be selfish of us to keep all the best ones for ourselves. Foster mamas have to make room for the new little ones who need us. It can be hard sometimes, though.
TigerPJ -
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Couldn't be a better outcome for Isabelle and Simon. I can fully understand your sadness.
judymack812 -
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You were stricken by what I call black cat syndrome. Happened to me twice, just like you, I was smitten. Unlike you I wasn't strong enough to give them up so they are both here.

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