July 8, 2019
emerton says: This is our kitten Zeke. (Short for Ezekiel, maintaining the "E" requirement for Birman cats.) My girlfriend called me while I was overseas because she'd seen him in a pet store near our home here in Sydney, Australia, and wanted to bring him home. I said she should do what she thought was the right thing. So when I got home, there he was. He was a very loud kitten. You could hear him walking up the hallway. Very noisy and active. Running up and down the house. Climbing up the curtains. Shouting. Loves his mum. Big mummy's boy. He's still very heavy footed. And very heavy. Not fat, mind you. Very fit and muscular -- just huge. Loudest purr on record. Longest tail. Beats up our other cat all the time. Poor Lucy is 14 years old, doesn't stand a chance. He thinks she's another kitten. Catches rats, and lizards. Plays with them for a bit until we usher them back outside. All-round good guy. Boss of the neighbourhood.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: emerton

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Natthecat -
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Hilarious write-up about Zeke by the boyfriend. Captures the personality of this cat and really made me laugh. I hope they have all adjusted to Zeke's takeover ways.
mma -
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Obviously Zeke is a master boss. I bet never a dull moment in your home unless Zeke is sleeping!
TigerPJ -
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ZEKE tickling the keyboards. Very sweet guy with a charming personality. xo
Stonewall -
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Wonderful addition to the family. I gave a small Golden Lab Puppy to my late friend Makoto and he named him Zeke.
When he discovered that Zeke was a "her" she was responding so well he kept the name for the entire 19 years of her life. So naturally I think your choice of name for this gorgeous rambunctious kitty is Terrific
May you all have many long years and happy times together.
kittysmama -
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a quiet moment for this loud kitty
calicocatfan -
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Adorable and musical to boot! What more can you ask?

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