November 26, 2019
Amiee says: This is our kitten-boo, Spideog, which is the Irish word for robin (pronounced Spid-Og). She makes bird sounds and is small and friendly, like robins. My boyfriend and I adopted her from the DSPCA a little over a month ago and she has completely taken over our home and our lives. She is spoiled rotten but very good; I hope she'll turn out more like an Ivanka than a Paris anyhow. Her hobbies include attacking small insects, following us room to room, putting her paws under the bathroom door when we lock her out, wrestling with tissue paper, falling asleep in a lap when the phone is just about to ring, and being mind-blowingly adorable. She is my first pet but already has turned me into the kind of crazy person who sends e-mails in the voice of the cat and considers doing cat-themed craft projects. I love her to bits because only someone without a soul could resist her when she is purring and kneading you. Her addition to our household was for practical purposes anyhow -- sure, when it comes to watching the neighbors go in and out their doors, eating bits of cobweb, sneezing in my boyfriend's ears at 5 am and attacking the belt that ties my dressing gown on, well, those things won't look after themselves!
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Amiee C.

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Natthecat -
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All lovely shots of Spideog! She is why the cat spirit infiltrates everything she touches in your house with delight. Amazing isn't it? Highly recommended.
TortiMom -
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Loved your sweet story Amiee! I remember all those precious traits from when my Missy was a baby!
MyNameIsNotRachel -
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She's beautiful! I had a cat that looked a lot like her when I was a teenager - his name was Paris! Gorgeous orange cat - and redicuously smart! Spideog deserves all the love in the world!
TigerPJ -
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Spideog is absolutely beautiful!
Stonewall -
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Spideog is nothing short of mystical.
I too loved the background tale on the entry of this furry charmer into your lives.
I pray you have a long and happy laugh filled life with this dolly; as I've absolutely no doubt you shall.
"Always keep them guessing Spideog."

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