January 12, 2020
Leila at S.O.S.Gatinhos says: We are a no-kill, no-cage kitty shelter in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Kitty and Kal-El are two kittens in residence right now. Both will be available for adoption in 15 days. Kitty was very ferocious when she was first rescued. After a week of feeling safe at home, she is showing how sweet and playful she is. Kal-El is the regular good-tempered, loving, always-happy kitty. Apparently both have the same age, though they were not rescued at the same time. They love play-fighting and hide-and-seek. We care a lot and the kitties will only be adopted by loving, responsible people.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: S.O.S.Gatinhos
Please visit S.O.S.Gatinhos's Web site for more information on helping kittens and cats in Brazil
S.O.S.Gatinhos is on Flickr and Wordpress too!

Kitty and Kal-El [5]  kitten
Kitty and Kal-El [5]  kitten
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Natthecat -
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The little black kitten on the right wants to go home with me! Hope all found happy homes. Dear little guys. Thanks for the work you do--no kill, no cage.
TigerPJ -
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Sweet babies. God bless you for the humane way you care for animals. There is a special place in heaven for you.
judymack812 -
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Oh look! Another sweet baby is in the picture! Wish I could have them all! God bless you for the rescue work you all do!
LindaG -
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Look at Ktty smiling!!!!

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