February 6, 2020
Gerald says: This little boy is an F1 Savannah bred from an African serval to an F1 Savannah female. He is super sweet and now living with a professional hockey player.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Gerald Adams

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txmomlovell -
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TigerPJ -
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Just counting my beautiful spots. You are a handsome guy. Kisses
judymack812 -
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Hard to pick a picture because they are all beautiful! I love this cat but I guarantee he is a handful! Bred too close to his wild roots. I am sure this hockey player has adequate space and maybe even a space of his own with lots of places to run and climb and hiding spaces. A cat like this should be 3 preferably 4ctimes removed from his original Serval parent to take some of the wild out of him!
Stonewall -
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I must say that "this little boy" is absolutely stunning, he is gorgeous from ear tips to paw pads. I love him.
However the cost of these beautiful kittens is usually prohibitive for most folks. And they require huge amounts of exercise and plenty of room to call their own territory.
I once had the pleasure of getting to do some play time with an F-1 and I recall every bit of it to this day.
Take proper care of this beauty
kittysmama -
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he is beautiful but i wonder how he endures confinement since he is so close to wild roots. i know he has been on here before so i hope he is still doing well with the hockey player.

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