March 26, 2020
Yi says: Although we found a home for the little found kitten Simba, we do have kittens of our own. Kiwi is a Burmillas -- a cross between burmese and Chinchilla. Burmillas are sweet and well mannered. They are more active and playful than Persians, but less demanding and vocal than Burmese. It is really a best mix between the two breeds. They are not large like Birmans, and they have green eyes, unlike Birmans' blue eyes. Kiwi has a slender build and slanted almond eyes. Her coat is chocolate-shaded but the undercoat is white. She usually lets her sister Fuji eat to her heart's content and does not mind waiting to eat second. She has a raspy voice and a playful and mischievous personality. But she lets her body go limp when my four-year-old daughter picks her up, with total trust and total surrender.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Yi Wang

Comments and LOLs:
Natthecat -
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Nice kitty, but why is Kiwi in a bowl?
txmomlovell -
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such a cute kitty
TigerPJ -
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Hi beautiful
judymack812 -
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She is a gorgeous kitten and will be a beautiful queen. Not sure I could let her go
Stonewall -
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She is extremely Pretty and looks as soft as an angels kiss; but kitties and glass together make me nervous, and it's not the kitty part.
I hope she has a wonderful life in your household. And she really shows Lavender as her color.

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