March 31, 2020
Eva says: Cisco was rescued from near death on New Year's eve. He was very weak, unconscious, not eating, and hardly breathing. For some two days things were very bad. Then, after getting some fluids, special a/d food squirted in his mouth, lots of love, and good wishes, he slowly began getting better. After four days he seemed out of the woods and I took him to Jill, a loving foster mom who works from home. Jill has Cisco firmly on the road to health and happiness, with the help of her cats Julius, Gaius, Bogart, and Ma. She reports that he eats voraciously and loves hugs! He has also gained lots of weight. His litter box use is not always successful but he tries. All the other cats are fascinated by him. They lick him, hug him, and are totally in love. She also says that Cisco looks at Ma as a 12-year-old kid would look at Marilyn Monroe! I don't show his pics at his worst out of respect and sadness. Honestly I thought he wasn't going to make it.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Jill Nelson and eva101
Jill Nelson is a professional photographer based in New York and specializing in head shots, portraits, and work for the art and entertainment industry;
please visit Jill's Web site to see her stunning photos
Eva and Jill currently volunteer for and support Friends of Animal Rescue

Cisco [5]  kitten
Cisco [5]  kitten
Cisco [5]  kitten
Cisco [5]  kitten
Cisco [5]  kitten
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katzenmother -
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This handsome little guy used up one or two of his nine-lives and fortunately survived his near tragic ordeal. May you only have good luck for the rest of your precious life dear Cisco:)
judymack812 -
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I remember Cisco so very cute. I am glad he survived.
Natthecat -
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Amen. You guys saved this gorgeous ginger's life! The litter box thing is not clear; maybe he wasn't trained by his biological mom. Thanks for posting and love this shot.
txmomlovell -
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i think they love each other
ceri -
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What a beautiful colour this little lad is :O)

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