The Daily Kitten Krew says: Please enjoy this encore presentation of Rolex and his sister Diamond, this time together. And don't miss their individual features from last month, which you can see by clicking on their names.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Betsy Cole Photography
Betsy Cole is a Tennessee-based photographer specializing in outdoor portraits; please visit Betsy's Web site to see more of her stunning work

Encore: Rolex and Diamond [5]  kitten
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katzenmother -
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Thunk.... As I pick myself up from the floor I am nevertheless Grinning from ear to ear from cuteness overload. So many of these photos are so darn cute. Baby doll-faced Persians have that effect on me. They don’t look real; they look like very expensive stuffed animals that have battery packs:)
txmomlovell -
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Stonewall -
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I recall these two with a joyful heart. they are so damn cute and look to be as soft as spun cotton.
Mama is gorgeous. Please retire her from any ongoing Motherhood role as she has done excellent work and deserves a very comfortable retirement. "Just beautiful Kits!"
judymack812 -
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Love these Itty bitty kitty's!
kittysmama -
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precious babies these two

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