Lena says: Krammekatten in Denmark is a small cattery of Maine Coon cats. Our cats live as family cats and can move freely throughout the house and have free access to a large enclosed garden. To have a serious breeding of cats is a big task and we will be wiser every day. Our goal with this breeding is getting good, healthy Maine Coon cats with a loving temperament and pure beautiful kittens.

Currently we have a litter whose parents are Skovlycloons Beach Boy -- a large and very loving red blotched tabby boy -- and Krammedyret Blue White Oceane P. -- a Harlequin blue and white girl who is cheeky and imaginative and a wonderful mother. She is poly on both front paws. We are very fascinated by her. She really uses her extra toes. She catches the ball and she eats with her paw, as if it were a spoon. It seems that poly cats even know they have something special. They have a different temperament, they are more lively and inquisitive, they are incredibly loving and contact searching. We feel very fortunate to have poly Coons in our breeding.

Jasmine, a poly Maine Coon tortie, is a relaxed kitten and loves to talk. She has two extra toes on each front paw and one extra on each rear paw! All the kittens will be with us until early August when they will be ready to go to new homes.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Lena F.

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katzenmother -
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What a green-eyed kitten diva and with extra toes no less. She is beautiful in every way. Such a great coat of many colors. She almost doesn’t look real.
Natthecat -
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#katzenmother, agree even to your choice of favorite photo. However, I am still reluctant to support breeding of these specialty cats.
txmomlovell -
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very alert
ceri -
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What sweet markings; she looks either cross or perplexed.
judymack812 -
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Surely one very adorable kitten to cuddle!!
Stonewall -
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Jasmine is enchanting in her multi- colored coat. And such a fierce little face for a beautiful wee girl who I believe has the heart of an angel.
Lena, Your cats are just gorgeous.
Your love for your cats shows on your site.
kittysmama -
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sweet kitty

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