Oleg says: I work in the building materials business in St. Petersburg, Russia, but photography and breeding Abyssinian cats are my hobbies. My Pippi is a very intelligent cat, affectionate with people but strict with other cats. She is the head of pride. :-) Pippi's full name is Lady in Red Charming Angel. Her mother is Fairy Tale Charming Angel and her father is Loup Blanc Hanzo Hattory (from Japan).

Pippi's first litter was born December 2009. They are named Africa (sorrel girl), Alt-Shift (sorrel boy) and Alonso (fawn boy). Their father was Sanabyca Dagaz. Alt-Shift (center) was the leader. The other two were more timid. Alt-Shift still lives in St. Petersburg with a loving family. Here is a photo of him in his new home. Alonso and Africa both live in Moscow.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Oleg Alexeev / AbySphere
When it comes to photos of Abys, it doesn't get any better than Oleg's Web site
Do yourself a favor and have a good long look at his photo albums!

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katzenmother -
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Such a sweet family photo of mama and her babies:) I loved many of them. She surely is a good mama with rich kitten milk. Just look at those full kitten bellies.
Natthecat -
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Saved all. This is a bunch of little aby miracles and their mom. I was stunned by the intelligence shown in this photo!
TortiMom -
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255 points
So many favorites of these beauties!
txmomlovell -
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such a sweet show of love
judymack812 -
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1489 points
Aby cats are so beautiful and graceful I wish I had one or two or three....
Stonewall -
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I always marvel at the beauty of Oleg's photography. He catches the very perfect moment to preserve the loving intimacy of Mom with her babies and the interaction between the Kittens. Your Abby's are very stunning.
suzjoy -
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Oh my. Such magnificent kitties!

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