July 24, 2020
Kathryn says: These cute, six-toed siblings were headed for the shelter before some dedicated animal lovers intervened. Grace is the grey kitten and Ivy is black and white. They are now being fostered in a home with three adult cats, who they love to terrorize with stealth attacks! Originally shy, they have blossomed into playful and fearless little adventurers who will jump amazing heights for their favorite feather toy. When they're not tearing through the house, they appreciate a nice lap to cuddle in. Ivy and Grace are in southern Massachusetts. If you're interested in adopting them, please visit their Petfinder page.

UPDATE from Kathryn: I just thought you'd like to know that Ivy and Grace found a forever home together! I visited them and they are very happy with their new family and still absolutely adorable!

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Kathryn K.

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katzenmother -
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Hands down those are best kitten mitten toesies I have seen. Grace is such a striking girl. Love her fur color. So glad they got to stay together:)
Natthecat -
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Grace and Ivy, together forever.
judymack812 -
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Love polydactyl cats! Glad they got to stay together!
txmomlovell -
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lovely kitties
Stonewall -
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My all time favorite result in the world. "Homed together". Where the photos here taken at their forever Home?
I spy a small bottle of Aleve in one shot.
It might come in handy when they do their whirling dervish routines as young kittens are want to do. The new humans have been blessed.

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