Oleg says: This kitten is from Pippi's second litter. A girl named Butterfly. From her father she took ruddy, bright color (Pippi have red color (sorrel)), excellent low-setting ears, gentle nature, and really Abyssinian temperament. No features stand out in the behavior yet. She is simply beautiful. ;-D Soon Butterfly will go home to the north of Russia, to Surgut.

Pippi's first litter

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Oleg Alexeev / AbySphere
When it comes to photos of Abys, it doesn't get any better than Oleg's Web site
Do yourself a favor and have a good, long look at his photo albums!

Comments and LOLs:
katzenmother -
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Pippi is an Abyssinian femme fetale deluxe:) Love her markings and those gorgeous eyes. Wish she was coming to my house:)
txmomlovell -
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123 points
judymack812 -
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1516 points
This is the cat of my dreams! I would love to have an Abby kitten but you won't find one in a shelter and I can't afford breeder prices (sigh).
kittysmama -
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another sweet baby

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