August 2, 2020
Yoko says: Sicca is a girl and almost three month old. She was abandoned in a box on the street and she saved by man who was walking with dog. When she saved, she was only two weeks old. Our previous cat had passed away last year, and we were looking for any opportunities to meet a cat. We decided to take charge of her and bring her up. We have no experience to take care of two week old kitten without mother. Fortunately she looks very fine now and vet said she is growing up in safe.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Yoko Tanji
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Comments and LOLs:
katzenmother -
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I can’t resist this photo. Sicca looks like a Furby here. She looks like quite a charmer and sweetheart. Bless you for taking on a baby kitten and being the forever mama she desperately needed. You’ll be rewarded for years with plenty of purrs, headbutts, and love:)
TortiMom -
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This pic made me laugh. What a sweet baby girl. You did a wonderful job raising this little sweetie!
txmomlovell -
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looks like a sweetie
mma -
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Such an adoring look from this lucky kitten; thank you for rescuing this baby!
kittysmama -
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u did a good job bringing her

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