November 28, 2020
Nicole says: This little girl is Madeline. The other kittens are her siblings and are called Pillow (white) and Carrot Top (orange). Their mother is a very sweet cat named Kumquat. These kittens belong to a good friend of mine who loves animals. These kittens have a lot of friends and have comforted a couple of people in very difficult situations. They have made a difference to many people's lives, which is not to undervalue how much I love taking photos of them. Unfortunately Madeline ran away a couple months after these pictures were taken. Honestly, I think someone took her is, as she was the sweetest kitten. Carrot Top and Pillow are thriving and play a lot of marble hockey to keep entertained. They live in Seattle, Washington.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Nicole Kelly
Nicole is an editor and writer of speculative fiction and dark fantasy
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Natthecat -
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It's a puzzlement. Why did my sibling Madeleine run away? We like it here.
judymack812 -
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I am sorry that Madeliene disappeared.
They were a beautiful trio. I have never seen a kitten marked like Pillow before. The name is very fitting.
katzenmother -
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Perhaps Madeline may still show up. Stranger things have happened. She is a cute calico girl. Pillow is super adorable as well. They all look like they would be super sweet kitties:)
texasmom -
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beautiful kitty. hope she comes home
KatvVonV -
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I hope if Madeline does not come back home, that she finds a nice home with someone who will love and cherish her.
Hamachain't -
Sometimes a female cat will run away and then return pregnant... or may return with her kittens after they are old enough to move in with you. I hope she is alive and well, and returns alive and well, too.

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