January 8, 2021
Raoul says: Mitzi is one of two half-feral kittens we adopted. Their mother gave birth to a litter of four kittens in someone's barn, and the poor man got all scratched up trying to catch the kittens and give them away.

From the get-go, Mitzi was the shy one. Trixie, her sister, was always the more daring one as they grew up, and Mitzi looked to her for guidance and defense. Mitzi was also a little more wild than her sister. She'd be the one growling when she got food (it took a while for us to break her of that habit), and she'd be the first to dash away at the first sight of a stranger or a sudden move from us. With time, she grew to know us and trust us, but never trusted others.

Mitzi now lives with Trixie and my grandmother in the countryside of Romania.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Raoul Pop
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judymack812 -
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1564 points
Mitzi is a lovely dilute calico! Glad she and Trixi have a good home
Natthecat -
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∞ points
A thoughtful pose. Mitzi and her sister Trixie are now safe from cat haters and malefactors.
texasmom -
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139 points
pretty kitty
pattmarrob -
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silver star pointssilver star pointssilver star partial points
11 points
Sweet Mitzi, with your shy winning ways, please have a wonderful life in your furever home. So precious...
KatvVonV -
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33 points
Mitzi is lovely. I can't imagine her growling! She look so sweet. I am glad she came to trust you and grew out of that. Hope she stays healthy and continues to be happy.
Stonewall -
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247 points
She looks like a real darling without a mischievous bone in her little body.
With those dreamy eyes and high proud ears, you're a peach babe
kittysmama -
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gold kitten points
745 points
what a cute face. has the feral look that sometimes never goes away

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