January 25, 2021
Michelle says: When Oreo came to us for fostering he came with his sister Cookie Dough. Cookie was a tomboy/princess. One minute she was grooming herself and her brother, and the next minute she was ready to wrestle and take him down. She liked to hide behind things and pounce out and attack Oreo. It was hilarious. When she was all played out, she would come over and climb into our lap for attention and cuddles. She was very dainty in the way she would tuck her paws under herself.

Cookie was super sweet and funny -- and she absolutely adored her brother, so we really hoped they would be adopted together. And they were! To a really great home with two kids who totally spoil them.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Michelle Peters Spivack

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texasmom -
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beautiful kitty
Natthecat -
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Precious Cookie Dough looks half Siamese but 100% adorable. Adopted together with Oreo, the words that always makes our #Stonewall happiest.
judymack812 -
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Cookie Dough! Always something sweet!
KatvVonV -
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What a little cuttie Cookie Dough is. Just drop a kitty treat onto my tongue and I will be yours! Glad she and Oreo were adopted together. Must be plenty of fun where they are.
Stonewall -
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Yes!! "Adopted together!"Thanks #Natthecat. I love those words. Why break up family groups if the option of keeping them together is feasible in all of the circumstances?
Now a Litter of three or more is more challenging; but in my heart I love to see the brothers and sisters at least kept in pairs if at all possible.
Bottom line though; a dozen kittens to a dozen loving homes is a great alternative!

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