Jaime says: Sienna was a special kitten in her litter for a very specific reason -- she was the only female. And not just because she was the only female, but she was an ORANGE female! As you may already know, female orange cats are quite rare (kind of how male calico/torties are rare), so the shelter and I considered her to be very unique! Although her brothers were all named in honor of St. Patrick's Day and Ireland, Sienna's name came from her gorgeous orange-red fur.

She may have been the only female, but you could definitely tell she was raised with brothers. She was such a tomboy! The girl had no fear whatsoever and she loved to get herself into mischief. And my goodness, was she a feisty little thing! Whenever I took her and her brothers in for a check-up, she would always cause some sort of chaos, no fail. I think one of her strongest qualities was her speed and ability to climb. She was probably the most intelligent out of the four and was the first to start walking steadily as well as run without too many issues -- by four-weeks of age. She was quick to start learning how to play and was the first to begin drinking the formula from a dish. A very wise little lady, indeed! Plus, on top of her crazy kitten antics, Sienna was always quick to hop into my lap before anyone else even got the chance. She LOVES to be held and be with people at all times.

Four Orange Fosters: Dublin
Four Orange Fosters: Guinness
Four Orange Fosters: Keegan

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Jaime Sundquist
Jaime volunteers with RCPets, the City of Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care & Adoption Center in Rancho Cucamonga, California, where hundreds of loving pets are waiting for forever homes

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katzenmother -
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Can’t resist this picture with those pretty eyes and precious fuzz sticking straight up. Wanna pick her up so badly. A cutie for sure.
Natthecat -
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The only girl and a daredevil. So precious and full of gumption, my choice.
texasmom -
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178 points
so sleepy
blh9045 -
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30 points
judymack812 -
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Sienna is the rare girl. She is also adorable.
KatvVonV -
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74 points
This must be when Sienna was first learning to drink formula from a dish. She just jumped right into the thick of things. What a unique little orange girl she is.
OpheliasMom -
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Sienna is a little love..., so precious!
To all of the Jewish members of the Good Morning Kitten group, wishing you a Chag Paseach Sameach!!
Stonewall -
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266 points
This has been yet another truly amazing litter! Sienna just caps it off Beautifully!
Just sent this off to my only sister to show her I now know how she grew up as tough as she is!
I would take this wonderful Sienna
in a split second! Such a Doll!

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