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June 1, 2021
Janey and Jake say: Winny currently has a little bit of a cold and likes to jump up onto our bed while we're sound asleep, sneeze all over our faces, and then jump right back down (usually using our stomachs as a sort of spring mechanism, like a trampoline). Winny is taking a lot of interest in our toilet lately and tries her best to sneak a peek, however she's a little bit too short and can only manage to put her front paws on the seat. For a little kitty she's pretty daring and once tried to beat up my sister's bulldog, Auggy. He came over to sniff her and she punched him in the face and spit on him like some bully in a leather jacket with combed-back, oily hair. We often see many similarities between her and the Fonz. Winny really likes to eat her food and often times eats one piece at a time for over ten minutes. She's not fond of treats however, and simply sniffs them then runs over to a toy. On the rare occasion Winny gets tired she likes to lie on her back with her legs out or curl up into your neck. This only lasts for a few minutes though, because she's fond of adventures and often finds the excitement of a new one irresistible.

The Kitten Krew says: A tip of the hat and a paw bump to Cute Overload for introducing us to Winny

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: somenametoforget

Comments and LOLs:
Natthecat -
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∞ points
Winny is winsome and more! She wears her colors so surprisingly--that tail--almost as if she knows she is special and shows it off.
TortiMom -
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288 points
What a cute little fur ball. Here it looks like she’s saying “Heyyyyyy, my people, I’m waiting for a tummy rub over here!”
texasmom -
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black kitten points
229 points
let's stretch!
judymack812 -
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1655 points
Winny says I know I am adorable and I am the boss here because I am irresistible!
Sharron M Spires -
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Paint me like one of your french girls. ;) LOL
KatvVonV -
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128 points
Winnie is showing off her beautiful tail. Isn't it just lovely. She looks and sounds like a whole lotta fun! Such a cute face too - going or coming she is very pretty.
Stonewall -
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294 points
Winny is a dreamy little gal. Her poses for the camera are as cute as they come.
I believe this little one will have Matured into a great Damme.
LOve your Winny1
kittysmama -
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gold kitten points
765 points
oh what a doll she is. upside down hello

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