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June 10, 2021
renidens says: My friend's Kurilian Bobtail cat gave birth to three beautiful kittens. This one is a girl named Arisha. Arisha is easily frightened and quite unsociable. She's also an awful glutton :) She still lives with my friend and his mom.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: renidens

Comments and LOLs:
Redgardencat -
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silver star pointssilver star pointssilver star pointssilver star partial points
17 points
What a cutie! I hope your friend mauls her regularly. It might help her become more cuddly.
texasmom -
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black kitten points
229 points
a little cutie
judymack812 -
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gold kitten pointsgold kitten pointsgold kitten points
1655 points
Arisha is adorable! What a little fluff ball she is. I would have snapped her up in a heartbeat even with her little quirks.
KatvVonV -
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black kitten points
128 points
Arisha looks so cute in this photo, like a little Einstein kitty with this look on her face. So intelligent and intense looking. She looks so soft and fluffy too.
IvyGirl -
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63 points
Goodness, she is an adorable little floof.

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