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June 16, 2021
Sandy and Matt say: Hazel and her brother Manny were feral kittens picked up by the county animal shelter. Unfortunately, the shelter tends to put feral cats and kittens to sleep, so we offered to foster and socialize these two kittens. They were not friendly at first, very hissy and scared. But with persistence and turkey-flavored baby food, we were able to win them over. After a few weeks, they were normal, social kittens. They loved playing with toys and romping around the house and following our three cats around. Hazel developed a bit of a crush on our six year old Himalayan, Edmund. He was not amused.

Once they were big enough and social and healthy, we returned them to the shelter, where they were quickly adopted. The experience was so fun and rewarding that we have gone on to foster two more sets of kittens, and plan to continue to foster. We jokingly refer to it as the Kitten of the Month Club. Our cats, ages 11, 10, and 6, are even getting pretty good about having kittens around.

Being foster parents has given us the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many animals instead of just a few. If you have the resources to do so, we highly recommend fostering with your local rescue groups. It has its ups and downs but overall is extremely rewarding. :)

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: sandyandmatt

Comments and LOLs:
katzenmother -
gold kitten points
982 points
Hazel you have excellent taste because I think Edmund is super cute too and I probably would have developed a crush on him too if I was a little girl kitten:) Hazel herself is such a pretty little girl. Thank you for fostering and making such a difference:)
judymack812 -
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gold kitten pointsgold kitten pointsgold kitten points
1655 points
I am very happy to hear from people who have learned to love fostering and say so! So many kittens die because we can't find people to foster them and yes it has its ups and downs but I think way more ups than downs! God bless you!
texasmom -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
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black kitten points
229 points
so cute
KatvVonV -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
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black kitten points
128 points
Hazel and Manny are such lucky kittens to have found you. I am glad both were adopted and you are making such a difference in the lives of kittens. Bless you!
IvyGirl -
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63 points
Awww so cute with her crush. She's gorgeous and so is he!

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