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June 17, 2021
Catherine says: My cat Moushi and his sister Choupette have the same mother as Cachou, Myrtille. Moushi is a very sweet cat, not only by his fur. He's timid with my friends but always shows the tip of his nose after a while. He needs time with strangers. He really loves houseplants and specially flowers and eats them when he can. And I can't stop loving him even when he eat all my plants.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: catherine.caf

Comments and LOLs:
texasmom -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
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black kitten points
229 points
so fluffy!
KatvVonV -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
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black kitten points
128 points
What a sweet bundle of fluff! All three are beautiful kitties!
PersianPrince -
bronze star pointsbronze star points
2 points
Breathtakingly beautiful! But please, please keep this baby away from plants and flowers! Many are toxic, and can be deadly!
judymack812 -
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gold kitten pointsgold kitten pointsgold kitten points
1655 points
Adorable little fluff ball! No plant eating allowed! Many plants are poisonous to cats and no they don't sense which plants can hurt them!
katzenmother -
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gold kitten points
982 points
He was an adorable baby and is a handsome adult now. I love Persians as they have the sweetest personalities. I am owned by three Persians myself:)
IvyGirl -
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gold star pointsgold star pointsgold star partial points
63 points
What a handsome boy. Careful with the houseplants, make sure none are poisonous to cats.

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