September 9, 2021
Erin says: Please meet my new kitten Watson. I wanted to call him Mr. Darcy but my boyfriend, CK, vetoed that idea. We found Watson via my mom when she forwarded an e-mail to me from one of her coworkers. The woman was giving away free short-haired orange kittens. Growing up I had a fabulous orange cat named Lucy, so I jumped at the chance to finally make one part of the family again. Over the last year CK has been completely supportive of my desire to have a kitten. His only caveat was that I had to find the cat myself. Honestly, I don’t think he truly thought I ever would. But here we are…CK and I actually had to drive to Maine and meet my mom in a parking lot in order to successfully transfer the kitten goods. Thankfully the kitty mission was successful. Watson is all kitten. He can look so sweet and serene but don’t be fooled. Below is a glimpse of Watson’s demanding “Play With Me Now Now Now!” personality. Watson spends his days racing about the house at breakneck speed, climbing to the top of his scratching post, and dragging his tiny toy teddy bear around by the scruff of his neck. It's a "hard" life but somebody has to do it, right?
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Erin Nichols and Chris Kelly
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Comments and LOLs:
KC -
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Such a darling! Hard to choose a favorite pic, they are all lovely.
katzenmother -
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Wild eyed kitten alert! What a cutie he is. I am sure he will be quite the lover when he grows up. I have a similar one in my lap who was a wild boy who is now a total love bug:) There is something about those ginger feline fellas:)
texasmom -
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i love my teddy!!
judymack812 -
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Oh he is gorgeous! I would have drove to Maine to get him too! Love him to bits!
KatvVonV -
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Watson is looks like he is ready to play in this photo. He looks like a real love bug in his sleepy photos and a really fun kitty to play in his action poses. Ginger boys are such lovely cats.
TortiMom -
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I’m sure it was instant LOVE when you met Watson!

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