October 22, 2021
Carly says: OJ, named for his orange color, is the first kitten I have ever adopted. I had wanted an orange kitten for a while, and after hearing about OJ, I couldn't say no. OJ is quite fearless, chasing and taunting the dog, introducing himself to visitors, and trying to play with any cat he meets. He has a tendency to take all of his toys and stash them under the couch. When I let him sleep in my bed, he insists on sleeping next to my face on my pillow, and letting me know how happy he is with his super-loud purr.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Carly Goodwin

Comments and LOLs:
KC -
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Orange cats are fearless :-) This one is adorable too.
katzenmother -
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Orange kitties are some of the biggest love bugs I know and OJA is no exception. Such a cute kitten and oh so busy:)
txmomlovell -
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such a handsome fella
judymack812 -
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Look at thatadorable face! I am in love with OJ!
KatvVonV -
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OJ KNOWS he is loved by you and by everyone reading this post. Ginger boys are such love bugs and OJ looks like he really enjoy play time.

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