October 29, 2021
Carole says: This is my kitten Lionel. He is an orange-and-white tabby. He lives in Minnesota and was a birthday present to me. His mom is a barn cat and Lionel was born in the hayloft. He loves his stuffed kitten BooBoo and his stuffed dog. He also loves banana bread. Lionel is a great kitten, very playful and full of personality. He is the best birthday present I could ever ask for.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Carole G.

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katzenmother -
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judymack812 -
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Lionel is adorable but I love them all! I hope they all got homes
txmomlovell -
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looks so energetic!
KC -
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Such a darling. Indeed a wonderful birthday present!
KatvVonV -
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Lionel means business here. This is MY ducky toy. He is such a love and I hope all his litter mates were also adopted. What a wonderful birthday present!

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