December 7, 2021
Tante Bluhme says: Zico is from my first litter in my breed of of Norwegian Forest cats. His mother is GIC. S* Snofstofs Babuschka and his father GIC S* MorrHoppans Vilde. We live in Sweden on the west coast. For my last litter born in July last year I used Zico for mating my female Sivan. On my home page you will find lots of information and a lot of photos as well. Zixten, Zico's son, stayed in the cattery and is now growing very promising to a young male !! Zico's owner lives out in the country near a small village called Huddungeby about 50 km northwest from Uppsala in Sweden. You can visit Zico on his family's home page. Zico is the father to many kittens. You can find them here as well and photos and other info like show results.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Tante Bluhme
Visit Tante Bluhme's Norwegian Forest Cats Web site

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KC -
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such a darling - I'm sure all his babies are just as gorgeous!
katzenmother -
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Zico you are literally a stud muffin:)
CoolKittenGuy69 -
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2 points
KatvVonV -
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Zico, you look like a really fun guy! You are beautiful and I want to pat your beautiful soft fur. Must keep you nice and warm in Sweden.
judymack812 -
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Oh Zico you are so adorable!
Stonewall -
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Wow! just look at this little muffin, then imagine some very good friend bringing him to you as a gift.
Look at him! I could not imagine getting a better present than bright eyed little Zico.
Unless of course it was one, (any one) of his many offspring.
Norwegian Forest and Maine Coons are just too gorgeous to accurately describe.
Redgardencat -
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Look at those immense paws! I wonder how big you are now, Zico?
over_simplified -
Came from oversimplified, left satisfied

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