Tante Bluhme says: Max's brother Shaggy Santos, or Shaggy for short, now lives in a family in Ängelholm in the south of Sweden. His owner Beatrix told me that he is more like a human than a cat. Every morning he comes up in her bed and gives her lots of good-morning kisses. After that, they go to the bathroom and he is joining when she takes a shower. When they eat he sits on his own chair beside Beatrix. He is now a really big boy but still sweet and playful like a kitten.

Galadriel's Kittens: Max

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Tante Bluhme
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KC -
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Gorgeous, sweet boy - especially hard to choose a favorite picture today
KatvVonV -
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Shaggy looks so soft and I would be tempted to hold him all day long and stroke his pretty fur. He sure had big feet! Will be a very large grown up cat
Stonewall -
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Shaggy, you were born on the same day of the same month as my elder brother. That's where the similarity ends.
You are obviously still beautiful to see, and doubtless even better to hold, and play with. Have a very long and pampered good life, as is your due.

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