January 13, 2022
Linda says: Mokona is a little evil ninja cat with bad-boy charm. He is a Russian Blue and came to us from breeder Heike Mizera of Blue Sinfonie Cattery in Berlin, Germany. He was the first of his litter to be picked, and although he looked exactly like his brothers, he was the only one to stick his little tongue out when he got exited. He loves jumping, climbing, running (preferably chased), and fighting. He got a little sister a couple of months ago, so we are not the target of his attacks anymore which is harder on baby sister Misa.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Linda Gavin and Heike Mizera

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Comments and LOLs:
Lif61 -
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I hope Mokono didn’t get hurt for this photo.
KC -
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what an absolute DARLING!!!!!!!! Very hard to choose a favorite picture. He is gorgeous and so acrobatic :-)
KatvVonV -
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MoKona looks like a ton of fun! He sure is active and able to perform feats of great imagination. He sure is a pretty little Russian Blue!
TortiMommy -
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Such a handsome young man!
judymack812 -
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I remember Mokona! Who could forget the bicycle picture? Also he looks?exactly like my Crinkle!

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